Integrate GitHub Copilot with Astra DB Serverless

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GitHub Copilot can use the information from your Astra account to provide assistance when writing applications backed by Astra DB Serverless databases. This tutorial shows you how to integrate Astra DB Serverless with GitHub Copilot.


The steps on this page assume the following:

Add the GitHub integration

You can add the GitHub Copilot integration with the Astra Portal.

  1. Open the Astra Portal, and then switch to the organization that you want to use with this integration.

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations.

  3. In the All Integrations section, select the GitHub Copilot integration.

    You are redirected to in a new tab to complete the integration. Once the integration is installed, you are returned to the Astra Portal.

  4. Refresh the page. If the installation succeeded, GitHub Copilot will appear in the Active section.

Access your Astra data with GitHub Copilot

After you install the integration, GitHub Copilot can access your Astra data.

  1. Open VSCode.

  2. Select the GitHub Copilot Chat extension.

  3. Use the @datastax command to prompt the agent.

GitHub Copilot will use your Astra data to provide code suggestions.

Remove the Github integration

You can permanently remove the GitHub Copilot integration with the Astra Portal.

  1. Open the Astra Portal, and then switch to the organization with the integration.

    1. Go to Settings > Integrations.

    2. In the Active section, select the GitHub Copilot integration.

    3. Click Remove, and then click Remove again to confirm.

  2. Navigate to Installed GitHub Apps in your GitHub account.

    1. Find the Astra DB GitHub Copilot integration.

    2. Click Configure, and then click Uninstall.

The integration is deleted and GitHub Copilot can no longer access your Astra organization or databases.

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