Intro to Astra DB Serverless

DataStax Astra DB provides the tools developers need to create robust AI applications, including APIs, real-time data processing, and integrations.

Astra DB Serverless is a serverless, multi-cloud database service (DBaaS) built on Apache Cassandra® that is optimized for real-time applications that require large data volume, low latency, and flexible data models.

To explore some real-world examples, see Code examples and DataStax use cases.

Serverless databases

Astra DB Serverless offers Serverless (Vector) and Serverless (Non-Vector) databases.

Serverless (Vector) databases are perfect for managing mission-critical AI workloads. They’re a highly-scalable, reliable, and powerful all-in-one data storage solution, ideal for generative AI projects.

Serverless (Non-Vector) databases are designed for generic applications, such as content management, user authentication, and transactional applications.

Load and explore data

You can Load your data into your Astra DB Serverless databases through the Astra Portal, the Data API, or the DataStax Bulk Loader (DSBulk).

With Serverless (Vector) databases, you can use the Data Explorer to view your data and perform vector searches in the Astra Portal.


With Astra DB vectorize, you can integrate external and Astra-hosted embedding providers to automatically generate an embedding from text for any operation that requires a vector.

If you configure your collections to automatically generate embeddings this way, then you can perform similarity searches using text, rather than vectors.

Astra Streaming

Astra Streaming is a modern cloud data streaming and event stream processing service tightly integrated into the Astra Portal and powered by Apache Pulsar™.

Change Data Capture (CDC) for Astra Streaming provides connectivity for Serverless (Non-Vector) databases with Astra Streaming enabled.

Connect and integrate

In addition to the Astra Portal, you can interact with your databases through Astra CLI, the Data API, and Cassandra Query Language (CQL) queries.

For the Data API or CQL, you use a client or driver to connect to your database.

Astra DB Serverless also offers a range of integrations with third-party tools.

Administer and secure

By default, Astra DB encrypts data.

Astra DB Serverless supports RBAC, SSO, IP access lists, application tokens, customer keys, and other security and administration functionality.

For a programmatic approach to administration, you can use the DevOps API.

Get started with Astra DB Serverless

DataStax offers several subscription plans. For information about each plan, including purchasing options and support plans, see the pricing page.

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