DSE Graph architecture

DSE Graph is composed of a number of components that provide online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) capabilities. The web-based DataStax Studio allows users to process queries to the graph database as well as visualize the data. The Gremlin console accesses the database through a command-line interface.

OLTP applications interact with DSE Graph through the DSE Server or the TinkerPop 3 Gremlin Server. OLAP applications interact with DSE Graph through the TinkerPop 3 GraphComputer, Spark, and a DataStax Spark connector to DataStax Enterprise.

The DSE database is an embedded component of DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and comprises the storage backend for DSE Graph. DSE Search provides the index backend for DSE Graph.

Graph architecture
Graph architecture
When to use DSE Graph

A description of the environments when DSE Graph is the optimal choice for storing data.


OLTP and OLAP are different processing methods that DSE Graph uses to search graph databases.

Comparing DSE Graph and relational databases

Graph databases and relational databases can both store data, but the storage method, scalability, and indexing techniques that each uses is very different.

Migrating to DSE Graph from a relational database

Factors to consider when migrating to DSE Graph from a relational database.

Migrating to DSE Graph from Apache Cassandra

Factors to consider when migrating to DSE Graph from Apache Cassandra.

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