Filtering CQL queries with a search index

DataStax Enterprise supports production-grade implementation of CQL Solr queries in DSE Search.

Search index syntax

DataStax Enterprise supports production-grade implementation of CQL Solr queries on a DSE Search node. Develop CQL applications supporting full-text search without using Solr-specific APIs.

Search index filtering best practices

Best practices for DSE Search queries.

Filtering on terms

Filter rows on terms using the Solr Standard Parser syntax in CQL.

Geospatial queries for Point and LineString

How to perform geospatial queries for Point and LineString.

Using dynamic fields

How to use dynamic fields to index content in fields that are not explicitly defined by the schema.

Joining cores

Requirements for joining search documents.

Spatial queries with polygons require JTS

JTS is required to index polygon/multipolygon and perform queries that include polygon shapes.

Limiting queries by time

DSE Search supports limiting queries by time.

UUDT query examples

A UDT facilitates handling multiple fields of related information in a table. UDTs are a specialization of tuples.

Querying CQL collections

Example for creating a table that contains a CQL collection set.

Using date ranges in solr_query

CQL type DateRangeType is mapped to Solr DateRangeField.

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