Querying database data using Apache Spark™ SQL in Java

Java applications that query table data using Spark SQL first need an instance of org.apache.spark.sql.SparkSession.

The default location of the dse-spark-version.jar file depends on the type of installation:

Installation Type Location

Package installations + Installer-Services installations


Tarball installations + Installer-No Services installations


The Spark session object is used to connect to DataStax Enterprise.

Create the Spark session instance using the builder interface:

SparkSession spark = SparkSession
    .appName("My application name")
    .config("option name", "option value")

After the Spark session instance is created, you can use it to create a DataFrame instance from the query. Queries are executed by calling the SparkSession.sql method.

DataFrame employees = spark.sql("SELECT * FROM company.employees");
DataFrame managers = spark.sql("SELECT name FROM employees WHERE role = 'Manager' ");

The returned DataFrame object supports the standard Spark operations.


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