dsetool write_resource

Uploads the specified search index config or schema.

Restriction: Command is supported only on nodes with DSE Search workloads.

Resource files are stored internally in the database. You can configure the maximum resource file size or disable resource upload with the resource_upload_limit option in dse.yaml.

Supports DSE authentication with [-l username -p password].


dsetool write_resource keyspace_name.table_name name=res_filename file=path_to_file_to_upload

Required. The keyspace and table names of the search index. Keyspace and table names are case-sensitive. Enclose names that contain uppercase in double quotation marks.


The name of the search index resource file to upload.


The file path of the file to upload.


To write the resource:

dsetool write_resource demo.health_data stopwords.xml

To specify the uploaded resource file and the path to the resource file:

dsetool write_resource demo.health_data name=ResourceFile.xml file=/myPath1/myPath2/schemaFile.xml

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