DSE Management Services

DSE Management Services are a set of services in DataStax Enterprise and OpsCenter that are designed to automatically handle various administration and maintenance tasks and assist with overall database cluster management.

DSE Performance Service

The DSE Performance Service automatically collects and organizes performance diagnostic information into a set of data dictionary tables that can be queried with CQL.

Best Practice Service

This OpsCenter service scans DataStax Enterprise clusters and automatically detects issues that threaten the cluster’s security, availability or performance.

Capacity Service

This OpsCenter service accumulates cluster health and resource utilization metrics to perform historical trend analysis. This process helps you understand cluster performance over time, and includes powerful forecasting capabilities to predict future usage and growth.

Repair Service

This OpsCenter service performs repair operations in the background across a DataStax Enterprise cluster with minimal impact. This process alleviates the potential performance impact of having to periodically run repair on entire nodes.

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