Managing search indexes

In DSE Search, a search index is an Apache Solr™ core. Each DSE Search index uses an internally stored index configuration pair (schema.xml and solrconfig.xml) that is automatically generated when the index is created.

About search index management

Overview of the integrated CQL search index commands for DSE Search.

Adjusting timeout for index management

Increase the timeout period when working with large datasets.

About search indexes

Search indexes are created for an existing table.

Generating an index with joins disabled

Disable index joins when not required to save space.

Managing search index fields

Add, remove, and change indexing definitions for table columns in the search index schema.

Configuring search index joins

Modify the search index schema to enable or disable search index joins across tables.

Reloading the search index

Steps to reload a search index to make the pending search index active.

Removing a search index

Drop a search index from a table and delete all related data.

Updating the index after data expires (TTL)

Configure purge of expired and deleted data.

Inserting, updating, and deleting data

Steps for updating a CQL-based search index.

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