Default file locations for tarball and Installer-No Services installations

The default location of the files depend on how DataStax Enterprise is installed:

  • The files are located in the same locations for Package installations and when Services is selected using the DataStax Installer.

  • The files are located in the same locations for Tarball and when No Services is selected using the DataStax Installer.

Default installation location

The default installation_location depends on whether you installed DataStax Enterprise by using the DataStax Installer or from the binary tarball:

Default directories for cassanda.yaml and dse.yaml

Default directories
Directories Description


cassandra.yaml is the main configuration file for the database.


dse.yaml is the main configuration file for DataStax Enterprise.

Default database directories

Default database directories
Directories Description


Commands and utilities, such as nodetool, cqlsh, sstabledump, and sstableloader


Property files and cqlshrc samples including:




  • cassandra-topology.yaml


  • cqlshrc.sample

  • logback.xml




commitlog, data, hints, saved_caches directories


Log files, including:

  • audit directory

  • debug.log

  • gremlin.log

  • solrvalidation.log

  • system.log

Default DSEFS data directory

The default location for the DSEFS data directory is /var/lib/dsefs.

Default DataStax Enterprise Installer and install log directories

Default DSEFS data directory
Directories Description


Show Config File Overwrites


View Installation Log


View Dependency Installation Log




Uninstall DataStax Enterprise

Default DSE Graph directories

Default DSE Graph directories
Directories Description


Gremlin console configuration for connection to the Gremlin Server, including Kerberos authentication and SSL encryption.



Default DSE Search directories

Default DSE Search directories
Directories Description


Solr configuration


Solr driver


Search - Wikipedia demo


Search log messages are in the system.log file.

Default Apache Spark™ directories

Default Spark directories
Directories Description

<installation_location>/resources/spark/conf, spark-defaults.conf, spark-daemon-defaults.conf


Spark library


Spark Master and Worker logs


Spark Jobserver


Spark Portfolio Manager demo


The default directory to store the DSE File System data.

Default Logback-appender directories

Default Logback-appender directories
Directories Description


logback.xml is the logback configuration file

Default location audit logs

Default location audit logs
Directories Description


Default location for Tomcat server logs for DSE Search.


Default location for dropped events logs.

Default directory for Token-generator tool

Default directory for Token-generator tool
Location Description


For manually Generating tokens.

Licenses and other documents

The default location is <installation_location>. Also see DataStax Enterprise third-party software.

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