index - vertex index


index('index_name').[secondary() | materialized() | search()].by('propertykey_name').[ asText() | asString() ].add()


A vertex index specifies an index that is built using a vertex property key in DSE Graph. A vertex label must be specified. Vertex indexes can be specified as secondary, materialized, or search. The index name must be unique.

A search vertex index must be named search; only one search index can exist. Multiple property keys can be specified in a single search index definition. The options asText() and asString() must be specified for a search index.


Create an index byRecipe as a secondary index using the property key name The vertex label is specified as recipe.


Create an index byMeal as a materialized index using the property key name. The vertex label is specified as meal.


Create an index search as a search index using the property key instructions and specify that the index is a asText(). The vertex label is specified as recipe.


Create an index search as a search index using multiple property keys instructions with asText() and category with asString(). The vertex label is specified as recipe.


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