Configuring the Gremlin Server in the dse.yaml file

Where is the dse.yaml file?

The location of the dse.yaml file depends on the type of installation:

Installation Type Location

Package installations + Installer-Services installations


Tarball installations + Installer-No Services installations


DSE Graph stores cluster-wide Gremlin Server options in the dse.yaml file under the gremlin-server: key. In the option names, each period represents a level of indentation within dse.yaml. To modify dse.yaml settings, modify the file on each node in the cluster and restart each node.

Of particular note, the Graph sandbox is configured in the Gremlin Server options of the dse.yaml file. This feature is enabled by default and provides protection from malicious attacks within the JVM.

Settings in the dse.yaml are node system-level in scope. To set per-graph, see the Schema API configuration.

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