Rewrite the SSTables in the specified snapshot to match the currently installed version of the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) database.

To restore a table from a snapshot with sstableloader, upgrade to a compatible SSTable version. SSTable versions are incremented when the format changes (not with each release of the database).

Use the version number in the SSTable file name to determine compatibility and upgrade requirements. The first two letters of the file name is the version, where the first letter indicates a major version and the second letter indicates a minor version. For example, the following SSTable version is mc:


For SSTable compatibility and upgrading, see SSTable compatibility.

To upgrade from SSTables created with DSE 4.6 and earlier, you must first upgrade the SSTables you want to restore to version ka (using DSE version 4.7 or 4.8); SSTables created with DSE version 4.7 and higher are compatible with all DSE 5.x versions.


sstableupgrade [options] keyspace_name table_name [snapshot_filename]

Tarball and Installer No-Services path:


The snapshot option upgrades the specified snapshot only.

Flag Option Description


Display stack traces.



Display help.

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