About dsetool

A command line interface for DSE operations.

dsetool connection options

Options for connecting to your cluster with the dsetool utility.

dsetool autojt (deprecated)

This command is deprecated. Job Trackers are managed automatically.

dsetool checkcfs

Scans a single Cassandra File System (CFS) file, or the whole CFS, for corrupted files.

dsetool core_indexing_status

Retrieves the dynamic indexing status of a search index on a DSE Search node.

dsetool create_core

Creates the search index table on the local node.

dsetool createsystemkey

Creates an encryption/decryption key for transparent data encryption (TDE).

dsetool encryptconfigvalue

Encrypts sensitive configuration information.

dsetool get_core_config

Displays the XML for the specified search index config.

dsetool get_core_schema

Displays the XML for the pending or sctive search index schema.

dsetool help

Provides a listing of dsetool commands and parameters.

dsetool index_checks (experimental)

Optional and experimental. Reads the full index and optionally performs sanity checks. No repairs or fixes occur.

dsetool infer_solr_schema

Automatically infers and proposes a schema that is based on the specified keyspace and table. Search indexes are not modified.

dsetool inmemorystatus

Provides the memory size, capacity, and percentage for this node and the amount of memory each table is using.

dsetool insights_config

Enables and disables DSE Metrics Collector and configures reporting frequency and storage options.

dsetool insights_filters

Configures filters to include and exclude specific metrics for DSE Metrics Collector.

dsetool list_core_properties

Lists the properties and values in the dse-search.properties resource for the search index.

dsetool list_index_files

Lists all index files for a search index on the local node.

dsetool list_subranges

Lists the subranges of data in a keyspace to describe a token range by a number of smaller subranges.

dsetool managekmip list

Lists encryption/decryption keys on a KMIP server.

dsetool managekmip expirekey

Expires encryption/decryption keys on a KMIP server.

dsetool managekmip revoke

Permanently disables the key on the KMIP server.

dsetool managekmip destroy

Completely removes the key from the KMIP server.

dsetool node_health

Retrieves a dynamic score between 0 and 1 that describes the health of a DataStax Enterprise node.

dsetool partitioner

Returns the fully qualified classname of the IPartitioner that is in use by the cluster.

dsetool perf

Temporarily changes the running parameters for the CQL Performance Service.

dsetool read_resource

Reads the specified search index config or schema.

dsetool rebuild_indexes

Rebuilds specified secondary indexes for specified keyspace and table.

dsetool repaircfs

Repairs the CFS file system from orphan blocks.

dsetool reload_core

Reloads the search index to recognize changes to schema or configuration.

dsetool ring

Lists the nodes in the ring.

dsetool set_core_property

Sets the properties and values in the dse-search.properties resource for the search index.

dsetool sparkmaster cleanup

Drops and recreates the Spark Master recovery table.

dsetool sparkworker restart

Manually restarts the Spark Worker on the selected node, without restarting the node.

dsetool status

Lists the nodes in their ring, including the node type and node health.

dsetool stop_core_reindex

Stops reindexing for the specified search index on the node where the command is run. Optionally, specify a timeout in minutes so that the core waits to stop reindexing until the specified timeout is reached, then gracefully stops the indexing. The default timeout is 1 minute.

dsetool tieredtablestats

Outputs tiered storage information, including SSTables, tiers, timestamps, and sizes. Provides information on every table that uses tiered storage.

dsetool tsreload

Reloads the truststores without a restart.

dsetool unload_core

Removes a search index.

dsetool upgrade_index_files

Upgrades all DSE Search index files.

dsetool write_resource

Uploads the specified search index config or schema.

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