HTTP API SolrJ and other Apache Solr™ clients

Apache Solr clients work with DataStax Enterprise. If you have an existing Solr application, you can create a schema, then import your data and query using your existing Solr tools. The Wikipedia demo is built and queried using SolrJ. The query is done using pure Ajax. No DataStax Enterprise API is used for the demo.

You can also use any Thrift API, such as Pycassa or Hector, to access DSE Search. Pycassa supports indexes. You can use indexes in Pycassa just as you use the solr_query expression in DSE Search.

DataStax has extended SolrJ to protect internal Solr communication and HTTP access using SSL. You can also use SolrJ to change the consistency level of the write in the database on the client side.

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