Installing DataStax Enterprise 5.1

Which install method should I use?

Guidance for choosing the best DataStax Enterprise installation method for your purposes.

DataStax Installers

DataStax provides several methods for installing DSE from the DataStax Installer.

Installing a DSE cluster using Lifecycle Manager and OpsCenter

Lifecycle Manager (LCM) allows you to easily provision, configure, and install DataStax Enterprise clusters.

Installing DataStax Enterprise 5.1 on RHEL-based systems using Yum

Instructions for installing DataStax Enterprise 5.1 using Yum repositories on RHEL-based systems.

RedHat systemd configuration

Instructions for enabling systemd units on RHEL-based and compatible systems.

Installing DataStax Enterprise 5.1 on Debian-based systems using APT

Instructions for installing DataStax Enterprise 5.1 using APT repositories on Debian-based systems.

Installing DataStax Enterprise 5.1 using the binary tarball

Instructions for installing DataStax Enterprise 5.1 on any supported Linux-based platform.

Installing DataStax Enterprise 5.1.x patch releases

DataStax provides GUI/Text installers, binary tarballs, and Debian and RHEL packages for installing previous patch releases of DataStax Enterprise 5.1.x.

Installing on Docker

Instructions for creating DataStax Enterprise (DSE) server, DSE OpsCenter, and DataStax Studio containers using DataStax Docker images in non-production environments.

Installing supporting software

Installing the JDK on supported platforms and installing Python 2.7 on older RHEL-based package installations.

Uninstalling DataStax Enterprise 5.1

Launch the uninstaller in the installation directory to uninstall DataStax Enterprise.

Installing the CQLSH tool

Install the standalone CQLSH tool using a binary tarball on any Linux-based platform.

Default file locations

Default file locations when installing from DataStax Enterprise.

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