Where is the file?

The location of the depends on the type of installation:

Installation Type Location

Package installations + Installer-Services installations


Tarball installations + Installer-No Services


The GossipingPropertyFileSnitch, Ec2Snitch, and Ec2MultiRegionSnitch use the configuration file to determine which datacenters and racks nodes belong to. They inform the database about the network topology to route requests efficiently and distribute replicas evenly. Settings for this file depend on the type of snitch:

This topic also includes instructions for migrating from the PropertyFileSnitch to the GossipingPropertyFileSnitch.


This snitch is recommended for production. It uses rack and datacenter information for the local node defined in the file and propagates this information to other nodes via gossip.

To configure a node to use GossipingPropertyFileSnitch, edit the file as follows:

PropertyFileSnitch and GossipingPropertyFileSnitch considerations

Understanding the PropertyFileSnitch and the GossipingPropertyFileSnitch requires background information about their behavior across DSE releases. For important details, refer to this Switching Snitches.

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