Preflight check tool

The preflight check tool is a collection of tests that can be run on a DataStax Enterprise node to detect and fix node configurations. The tool can detect and optionally fix many invalid or suboptimal configuration settings, such as user resource limits, swap, and disk settings.

The preflight check tool is included in the following location based on your installation type:

Preflight check tool installation location
Installation type Location

Package installation


Tarball installation



Run the preflight check without options to run all tests.

sudo ./preflight_check options
Short Long Description



Show help and exit.



Attempt to fix issues.


Location of cassandra.yaml file


Comma separated lists of HDDs: /dev/sda,/dev/sdb,…​


Time (in seconds) for each test disk benchmark. Set to simulate a normal load.


Number of threads for each disk benchmark. Set to simulate a normal load.


Comma separated lists of SSDs: /dev/sda,/dev/sdb,…​


The node does not have SSDs.

Creating a new test

Complete the following steps to create your own test:

  1. Create a new Python file in /checks:

    cd /checks
  2. Add the new test to the all section of /checks/

    __all__ = ['my_test', 'disk', 'blockdev', ...]
  3. Add your test to the preflight_check script.

  4. Run the preflight check script with the new test:

    sudo ./preflight_check options

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