nodetool compactionstats

Provide statistics about a compaction.


nodetool options compactionstats -H

Tarball and Installer No-Services path:

Connection options
Short Long Description



Hostname or IP address.



Port number.



Password file path.






Remote JMX agent username.



Display bytes in human readable form: KiB (kibibyte), MiB (mebibyte), GiB (gibibyte), TiB (tebibyte).


The total column shows the total number of uncompressed bytes of SSTables being compacted. The system log lists the names of the SSTables compacted.


 $ nodetool compactionstats
pending tasks: 5
          compaction type        keyspace           table       completed           total      unit  progress
               Compaction       Keyspace1       Standard1       282310680       302170540     bytes    93.43%
               Compaction       Keyspace1       Standard1        58457931       307520780     bytes    19.01%
Active compaction remaining time :   0h00m16s

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