Managing DataStax Enterprise 5.1

Explore topics around managing DataStax Enterprise, such as configuration files and settings, DSE-provided tools and management services, changing replication strategies, configuring compaction and compression, and caching in single- and multi-instance installations of DSE.


Information about configuring DataStax Enterprise, such as recommended production settings, YAML and configuration files, setting up snitches for cloud providers, start-up parameters, heap dump settings, and using virtual nodes.


Tools range from dsetool, stress tools, and SSTable tools, to DSE commands, the nodetool utility, a YAML diff tool, and the ability to run preflight checks.


Guidance for tasks such as starting and stopping nodes, adding or removing nodes, datacenters, or clusters, backup and restore, repair, compaction and compression, tuning, collecting node health data, caching, and clearing data.

DSE Management Services

Designed to automatically handle various administration and maintenance tasks and assist with overall database cluster management. For example, DSE Performance Service automatically collects and organizes performance diagnostic information into a set of data dictionary tables that can be queried with CQL.

DSE In-Memory

Create, alter, and manage in-memory tables, as well as backup and restore in-memory data.

DSE Tiered Storage

Configure and automate smart data movement across different types of storage media.

DSE Multi-Instance

Set up multiple nodes in a single DSE cluster on a single host machine.

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