nodetool getsstables

Provides the SSTables that own the partition key.


nodetool <options> getsstables [(-hf | --hex-format)]
-- <keyspace> <table> <key>

Tarball and Installer No-Services path:

Connection options
Short Long Description



Hostname or IP address.



Port number.



Password file path.






Remote JMX agent username.


Name of keyspace.


One or more table names, separated by a space.


Partition key of the SSTables.


Separates an option from an argument that could be mistaken for an option.


This command can be used to retrieve an SSTable.


The following example of this command retrieves the SSTable for cycling.cyclist_name with the key argument fb372533-eb95-4bb4-8685-6ef61e994caa, which is the id for one of the cyclists listed in the cyclist_name table:

nodetool getsstables cycling cyclist_name 'fb372533-eb95-4bb4-8685-6ef61e994caa'

The output is:


Sometimes it’s useful to retrieve an SSTable from the hex string representation of its key, for instance, when you get this exception and you want to find out which SSTable owns the faulty key:

java.lang.AssertionError: row DecoratedKey(2769066505137675224, 00040000002e00000800000153441a3ef000) received out of order wrt DecoratedKey(2774747040849866654, 00040000019b0000080000015348847eb200)

The nodetool getsstables command will only work if the primary key of the given table is a blob.

nodetool getsstables keyspace table_name 00040000002e00000800000153441a3ef000

Use the --hex-key option to retrieve the DecoratedKey from the hexstr representation of the key:

nodetool getsstables ks cf --hex-key 00040000002e00000800000153441a3ef000
nodetool getsstables keyspace1 standard1 3330394c344e35313730

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