Use this tool to split SSTables files into multiple SSTables of a maximum designated size. For example, if SizeTieredCompactionStrategy was used for a major compaction and results in a excessively large SSTable, it’s a good idea to split the table because won’t get compacted again until the next huge compaction.

DataStax Enterprise must be stopped to use this tool.


sstablesplit [options] <filename> [<filename>]*

Tarball and Installer No-Services path:



sstablesplit -s 40 /var/lib/cassandra/data/Keyspace1/Standard1/*
Flag Option Description


Display stack traces.



Display help.


Do not snapshot the SSTables before splitting.


--size <size>

Maximum size in megabytes (MB) for the output SSTables (default: 50).



Verbose output.

Some tools require a larger heap size. For example, OutOfMemoryError exceptions may be resolved by increasing the heap size for sstablesplit.

To increase the heap size for sstablesplit to 8GB, change the following line in the tools/bin/sstablesplit shell script from:




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