TinkerPop changes for DSE 6.8.0

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.8.0 includes all changes from previous DSE releases plus these production-certified changes that are in addition to Apache TinkerPop™ 3.4.5:

  • Added a toString() serializer for GraphBinary.

  • Configured the Gremlin Console to use GraphBinary by default.

  • Fixed transaction management for empty iterators in Gremlin Server.

  • Deprecated MessageSerializer implementations for Gryo in Gremlin Server.

  • Deprecated Serializers enum values of GRYO_V1D0 and GRYO_V3D0.

  • Deprecated SerTokens values of MIME_GRYO_V1D0 and MIME_GRYO_V3D0.

  • Added a Docker command to start Gremlin Server with the standard GLV test configurations.

  • Added aggregate(Scope,String) and deprecated store() in favor of aggregate(local).

  • Modified NumberHelper to better ignore Double.NaN in min() and max() comparisons.

  • Bump to Netty 4.1.36.

  • Added userAgent to RequestOptions.

  • Gremlin Console sends Gremlin Console/version as the userAgent.

  • Fixed DriverRemoteConnection ignoring with Token options when multiple were set.

  • Added :set warnings true|false to Gremlin Console.

  • Provided support for withComputer() in gremlin-javascript.

  • Deprecated remote traversal side-effect retrieval and related infrastructure.

  • Bump to Jackson Databind

  • Fixed bug with Python in g:Date of GraphSON where local time zone was being used during serialization/deserialization.

  • Deprecated multi/meta-property support in Neo4jGraph.

  • Improved exception and messaging for gt/gte/lt/lte when one of the object isn’t a Comparable.

  • Added test infrastructure to check for storage iterator leak.

  • Fixed multiple iterator leaks in query processor.

  • Fixed optional() so that the child traversal is treated as local.

  • Changed default keep-alive time for driver to 3 minutes.

  • Fixed bug where server-side keep-alive was not always disabled when its setting was zero.

  • Added support for hasNext() in Javascript and .NET.

  • Improved error messaging for invalid inputs to the TinkerGraph IdManager instances.

  • Forced replacement of connections in Java driver for certain exception types that seem to ultimately kill the connection.

  • Changed the reverse() of desc and asc on Order to not use the deprecated decr and incr.

  • Fixed bug in MatchStep where the correct was not properly determined.

  • Fixed bug where client/server exception mismatch when server throw StackOverflowError.

  • Added underscore suffixed steps and tokens in Gremlin-Python that conflict with global function names.

  • Prevent exception when closing a session that doesn’t exist.

  • Allow predicates and traversals to be used as options in BranchStep.

  • Ensure only a single final response is sent to the client with Gremlin Server.

  • Deprecated ResponseHandlerContext with related infrastructure and folded its functionality into Context in Gremlin Server.

  • Improved performance of aggregate() by avoiding excessive calls to hasNext() when the barrier is empty.

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