Using DataStax Enterprise advanced functionality

Information on using DSE Analytics, DSEFS, DSE Search, DSE Graph, DSE Advanced Replication, DSE In-Memory, DSE Multi-Instance, DSE Tiered Storage and DSE Performance services.Information on using DSE Analytics, DSE Search, DSE Graph, DSEFS (DataStax Enterprise file system), and DSE Advanced Replication.

DSE Analytics

DataStax Enterprise 6.8 Analytics includes integration with Apache Spark.

DSE Search

DSE Search allows you to quickly find data and provide a modern search experience for your users, helping you create features like product catalogs, document repositories, ad-hoc reporting engines, and more.

DataStax Graph

Documentation for developers and administrators on installing, configuring, and using the features and capabilities of DataStax Graph (DSG).

DSE Management Services

DSE Management Services automatically handle administration and maintenance tasks and assist with overall database cluster management.

NodeSync service

Continuous background repair that virtually eliminates manual efforts to run repair operations in a DataStax cluster.

DSE Advanced Replication

Documentation for configuring and using configurable distributed data replication.

DSE In-Memory

DataStax Enterprise includes DSE In-Memory for storing data to and accessing data exclusively from memory.

DSE Multi-Instance

Documentation for running multiple DataStax Enterprise nodes on a single host machine.

DSE Tiered Storage

Documentation for automating smart data movement across different types of storage media.

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