DSE Analytics

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) integrates real-time and batch operational analytics capabilities with an enhanced version of Apache Spark™. With DSE Analytics you can easily generate ad-hoc reports, target customers with personalization, and process real-time streams of data. The analytics toolset lets you write code once and then use it for both real-time and batch workloads.

About DSE Analytics

Use DSE Analytics to analyze huge databases. DSE Analytics includes integration with Apache Spark.

Setting the replication factor for analytics keyspaces

Guidelines and steps to set the replication factor for keyspaces on DSE Analytics nodes.

DSE Analytics and Search integration

DSE SearchAnalytics clusters can use DSE Search queries within DSE Analytics jobs.

About DSE Analytics Solo

DSE Analytics Solo datacenters provide analytics processing with Spark and distributed storage using DSEFS without storing transactional database data.

Analyzing data using Spark

Spark is the default mode when you start an analytics node in a packaged installation. Spark runs locally on each node.

DSEFS (DataStax Enterprise file system)

DSEFS (DataStax Enterprise file system) is the default distributed file system on DSE Analytics nodes.

About the Cassandra File System (CFS) - deprecated

Analytics jobs often require a distributed file system. DataStax Enterprise provides a replacement for the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) called the Cassandra File System (CFS).

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