Apache TinkerPop graph computing framework

Apache TinkerPop is a graph abstraction layer that works with numerous different graph databases and graph processors. Apache TinkerPop is composed of two elements: a structure API and a process API.

The primary components of the Apache TinkerPop structure API are:


maintains a set of vertices and edges


extends a general class Element and maintains a set of incoming and outgoing edges as well as a collection of properties and a vertex type DSE Graph schema stores VertexLabel - ID, name, TTL


extends Element and maintains an incoming and outgoing vertex as well as a collection of properties and an edge type DSE Graph schema stores EdgeLabel - ID, name, TTL, multiplicity (multi, simple), unidirected, visible, sort-key


a string key associated with a value DSE Graph schema stores PropertyKey - ID, name, TTL, datatype, cardinality (single, list)


a string key associated with a value as well as a collection of metadata properties (vertices only)

The primary components of the Apache TinkerPop process API are:


a generator of traversals for a particular graph, domain specific language (DSL), and execution engine


a functional data flow process transforming objects of type S into object of type E


a traversal DSL that is oriented towards the semantics of the raw graph (i.e. vertices, edges, etc.)


a system that processes the graph in parallel and potentially, distributed over a multi-machine cluster


code executed at all vertices in a logically parallel manner with intercommunication via message passing


computations that analyzes all vertices in the graph in parallel and yields a single reduced result

A key feature of Apache TinkerPop is Gremlin, a graph traversal language and virtual machine. Apache TinkerPop and Gremlin are to graph databases what JDBC and SQL are to relational databases. Gremlin variants are available for many languages: Java, Groovy, Python, and others.

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