User data for DataStax Studio notebooks

Studio 2 notebooks are stored across multiple files located in the $userdata/eventlog and $userdata/snapshots directories.

Snapshots are periodically created for notebooks that are active (recently edited or recently executed cells). These snapshots are stored in the $userdata/snapshots/studio/uuid directory which contains snapshot files (snr-n, where the highest snr-n file is the latest snapshot). These snapshots are single file representations of the notebook but might not be fully up to date.

If you have previously stored Studio 1.0.x notebooks in a version control system, the format change described above prevents using the same storage method. You can, however, use one of the snapshots. Snapshots are single file representations of the notebook, but might not be fully up to date.

By default, snapshots are created every five minutes for a notebook that is being actively edited. This time interval can be configured by adding an option in the configuration.yaml file:

    snapshotSaveIntervalInSeconds: 300

Data migration

Existing notebooks from Studio 1.0.x are migrated to the new format in Studio 2.0.x. Studio creates a backup of 1.0 notebooks in the $userdata/1_x_backup directory during the upgrade migration. If the migration is successful, the $userdata/notebooks/admin directory is deleted.

Studio does not delete your previous notebook files if an error occurs while migrating them to the new format.

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