Spark examples

DataStax Enterprise includes Spark example applications that demonstrate different Spark features.

Portfolio Manager demo using Spark

The Portfolio Manager demo runs an application that is based on a financial use case. You run scripts that create a portfolio of stocks.

Running the Weather Sensor demo

The Weather Sensor demo compares how long it takes to run Spark SQL queries against aggregated data for a number of weather sensors in various cities.

Running the Wikipedia demo with SearchAnalytics

The Wikipedia Solr demo can be run on a SearchAnalytics node to retrieve Spark RDDs using search queries.

Running the Spark MLlib demo application

The Spark MLlib demo application demonstrates how to run machine-learning analytic jobs using Spark and DataStax Enterprise.

Running the http_receiver demo

The http_receiver demo uses Spark Streaming to save data to DSE.

Using DSE geometric types in Spark

DSE geometric types can be used in Spark.

Importing a text file into a table

This example shows how to use Spark to import a local or CFS (Cassandra File System)-based text file into an existing table.

Running spark-submit job with internal authentication

Example of running a spark-submit job with internal authentication.

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