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Why can I configure more than one host in a Studio connection?

Hosts initialize the Cassandra driver connection. Configuring more than one host provides redundancy and failover protection.

How can I view a list of my notebooks?

Use the Notebook Manager to list and filter notebooks.

Where have my old notebook files gone?

When you upgrade Studio to version 2.0, all of your existing notebooks are backed up.

Existing notebooks from Studio 1.0.x are migrated to the new format in Studio 2.0.x. Studio creates a backup of 1.0 notebooks in the $userdata/1_x_backup directory during the upgrade migration. If the migration is successful, the $userdata/notebooks/admin directory is deleted.

Which web browsers are supported for Studio?

DataStax Studio is tested on these platforms (all 64-bit) with the latest versions of the specified web browsers.

Does Studio support connection to SSL-enabled clusters?

Yes. See Using SSL connections in DataStax Studio.

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