Using the DSE Graph Loader

How to load schema and data using the DSE Graph Loader.

DSE Graph Loader overview

DSE Graph Loader is a customizable, highly tunable command line utility for loading graph datasets into DSE Graph from various input sources.

Installing DSE Graph Loader

Install DSE Graph Loader using a binary tarball on any Linux-based platform.

Configuring DSE Graph Loader

Configuring DSE Graph Loader files.

Loading data

How to load data using DSE Graph Loader.

Mapping script

Explain the main body of the mapping script.

Using transforms (filter, flatMap, and map) with DSE Graph Loader

How to use transforms (filter, flatMap, and map) with DSE Graph Loader

DSE Graph Loader reference

DSE Graph Loader reference.

Tuning graphloader JVM options

How to tune graphloader JVM options.

graphloader API

Reference guide to graphloader mapping options.

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