DataStax Studio release notes

Studio release notes cover enhancements, known issues, and resolved issues.

For earlier versions, Studio 1.0.1 and Studio 1.0.2. (No longer supported.)

Studio 2.0.0

Release notes for DataStax Studio 2.0.0.

2.0.0 Changes and enhancements

  • Code cells in notebooks support CQL code

  • DataStax Enterprise Graph improvements

    • Effective schema is scoped per HTTP session

  • Changes to how Notebooks are stored. Notebooks are event-sourced aggregates. Notebooks are stored across multiple files located in the $userdata/eventlog and $userdata/snapshots directories. (STUDIO-735, STUDIO-1545)

  • The Graph field moved from Connection to Notebook. Existing Graph values are moved to each related Notebook. (STUDIO-1053)

  • Statement line numbers are reported for failed executions. (STUDIO-1169)

  • Editor improvements include electric pairing for matching delimiters: parentheses (), square brackets [], and single quotation marks ''. (STUDIO-1091)

  • Configure edge thickness in graph controls as a static value for all edges in the graph. (STUDIO-959)

  • Notebook improvements include support to reset result window and clear previous result. (STUDIO-437)

2.0.0 Resolved issues

  • RPC call failures are not adequately managed. (STUDIO-642, STUDIO-829)

  • Chart views, including pie, bar, and line, grow in size for each cell rerun. (STUDIO-860)

  • Property key is not truncated in the table header. Hover should show full name. (STUDIO-870).

  • Edit Connection form: FQDN starting with number does not validate. (STUDIO-934)

  • In the Edit Connection form, trailing whitespace is not ignored and causes error message: "Invalid address, address must not be empty". (STUDIO-935)

  • When a gremlin traversal steps performs a scan, it should be highlighted and called out. (STUDIO-949)

  • Opening schema display does not work with certain schemas. (STUDIO-981)

  • Numeric values of text properties like schema.propertyKey('age').Text().create() are not handled correctly. Empty/null values are not ignored. (STUDIO-1057)

  • Edit Connection form: graph name is not validated. (STUDIO-1182)

  • Profiling query results in a UI freeze. (STUDIO-1192)

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