DSE Search operations

You can run DSE Search on one or more nodes. Typical operations including configuration of nodes, policies, query routing, balancing loads, and communications.

DSE Search initial data migration

Best practices and guidelines for loading data into DSE Search.

Shard routing for distributed queries

On DSE Search nodes, the shard selection algorithm for distributed queries uses a series of criteria to route sub-queries to the nodes most capable of handling them.

Deleting a search index

Steps to delete search index.

Verifying indexing status

Steps to check the indexing status using dsetool, the Core Admin, or logs.

Backing up DSE Search data directories

Steps to back up DSE Search data directories.

Restoring a search node from backup

Steps to restore a search node from backup.

Monitoring DSE Search

Information about metrics MBeans for DSE Search.

Uploading the search index schema and config

Steps to upload a search index schema and config.

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