Configuring DataStax Agents for Multi-Instance Nodes

Configure DataStax Agents for DSE Multi-Instance (dense) Nodes.


Multi-Instance requirements for DataStax Agents:

  • DSE Multi-Instance requires one agent process running for each DSE instance on a machine.

  • DataStax Agents require a manual tarball agent installation for multi-instance.

  • DataStax Agents require manual configuration in address.yaml as outlined in this procedure for Multi-Instance.


  1. Locate the address.yaml file. The location of this file depends on the type of installation:

    • Package installations: /var/lib/datastax-agent/conf/address.yaml

    • Tarball installations: install_location/conf/address.yaml

  2. Open address.yaml for editing.

  3. Set the following backup options for each agent:

    • tmp_dir

      The directory used to temporarily stage files when restoring. The default location is /var/lib/datastax-agent/tmp. Example: tmp_dir: /var/lib/datastax-agent/tmp/

    • backup_staging_dir

      The directory where commitlogs are copied after they are written to disk from DSE. The DataStax Agents monitor this directory and move commitlogs to the configured destinations. After all destinations receive the relevant commit logs, the logs are moved to the backup_storage_dir. The default location is /var/lib/datastax-agent/commitlogs/. Example: backup_staging_dir: /var/lib/datastax-agent/commitlogs/

  4. Configure the following option so that the opscenterd (OpsCenter daemon) can send requests to the agent:

    • agent_rpc_interface

      The IP that the agent HTTP server listens on. In a multiple region deployment, this is typically a private IP. Default: Matches rpc_interface (native_transport_interface) from cassandra.yaml. Example: agent_rpc_interface:

    The agent_rpc_interface must be unique for each agent.

  5. Configure the following option to connect to a Cassandra instance over JMX. The JMX port must always be configured for DSE Multi-Instance.

    • jmx_port

      Port used to connect to local JMX server. The default setting is 7199. This information will be sent by opscenterd for convenience, but can be configured locally as needed. Example: jmx_port: 7199

    The JMX port must be unique for each instance of DSE.

  6. Depending on the configuration of your environment, configure the following option for connecting to OpsCenter:

    • stomp_interface

      Reachable IP address of the opscenterd machine. The connection made will be on stomp_port. Example: stomp_interface:

  7. Restart the DataStax Agents.

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