Lifecycle Manager configuration known issues and limitations

Encrypted DSE configuration values

Lifecycle Manager is not compatible with configuration encryption in DSE and OpsCenter. If data encryption is enabled (config_encryption_active is true) on a DSE cluster, you must disable data encryption before using LCM to configure DSE clusters. To enable and disable configuration encryption:

Similarly, secret fields in configuration profiles are not encrypted during storage and are returned in API responses to clients that have permission to read configuration profiles. This behavior for configuration profiles is in contrast to secret fields stored on other models such as ssh credentials, repositories, and clusters in that secret fields are encrypted and not returned to API clients.

Authentication scheme limitations

Internal authentication must be the primary authentication scheme. See Native transport authentication schemes and limitations in LCM for complete details.

DSE Graph properties

DSE Graph configuration in dse.yaml is configurable through LCM Config Profiles. All Graph properties in dse.yaml can be managed through the LCM UI with the exception of gremlin_server.serializers and gremlin_server.scriptEngines. If you are using LCM and need to customize these properties, be sure to leverage the LCM API to make the changes. Future changes to the Config Profile using the LCM UI will retain properties set through the API.

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