Downloading DSE package in an offline environment

In offline environments, you must download DSE packages via proxy or repository mirror. DataStax software is available for download from for RPM packages or for Debian packages.

Download by proxy

If target nodes are able to perform HTTP or HTTPS downloads via a proxy, such as Squid, then LCM can configure the targets to use the proxy when downloading DSE packages. For more, see Configuring an HTTP or HTTPS proxy.

Running an open and public proxy can lead to a wide variety of abuse and security issues. Ensure your proxy is appropriately secured, including required authentication and firewall protection.

Download by repository mirror

Instead of downloading the DataStax package from the official repository, you can download the DataStax packages from a local mirror of the DataStax package repository. Consult with the administrators of your repository mirror to add one of the DataStax repositories.

The DataStax Support Knowledge Base provides information to help resolve issues. Search for product-specific troubleshooting, how to articles, FAQs, and more.

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