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View logs in the Recent Log Information pane within the Node details dialog. The Cassandra System Log, Cassandra Debug Log, and OpsCenter Agent Log are available for viewing within OpsCenter monitoring. The most recent 1000 lines of a log are displayed in the log window.

Only users with an administrator role are able to view the logs.


Viewing logs from within the OpsCenter user interface node details is currently a Labs feature (that is, under ongoing development but available for use).

To enable the feature, locate the opscenterd.conf file. The location of this file depends on the type of installation:

  • Package installations: /etc/opscenter/opscenterd.conf

  • Tarball installations: install_location/conf/opscenterd.conf

Add the following to opscenterd.conf and restart opscenterd:

log_enable = True

Enable the logs configuration option:

  • [labs] log_enable

    Enables Special Log Management Program (SLMP) that allows various forms of log management functionalities.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Cluster > Nodes > List View or Ring View.

  2. Click the node to view its details.

    The Node Details dialog appears.

  3. Scroll down to the Recent Log Information pane.

  4. Select the log to view:

    • Cassandra System Log

    • Cassandra Debug Log

    • OpsCenter Agent Log

  5. Click Refresh.

    The last 1000 lines of the selected log are fetched and displayed in the Recent Log Information pane.

    Recent Log Information

    If an agent is down for a node, the log pane is empty. Review the Agent Status and troubleshoot agent issues.

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