Performance metrics overview

Select Dashboard to view these types of metrics:

  • Cluster Performance Metrics

  • Pending Task Metrics

  • Table (Column Family) Metrics

When adding a graph to the dashboard, choose the metric and the source that OpsCenter uses to collect the data for the graph:

  • Cluster-wide

  • All nodes

  • The node running OpsCenter

Several commonly used performance metrics graphs are displayed initially. Data appears in the graphs after you set alerts.

Click the magnifying glass icon at the top left of a graph to open it in a larger dialog for easier viewing of the details.

When a graph is zoomed, it does not auto-update.

You can delete, clone, rename, choose the default view of graphs, and share graphs with other users.

Export dashboard configurations to import into other clusters or OpsCenter instances.

For automated guidance with setting up performance monitoring metrics for DataStax Enterprise, see the Performance Service.

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