Changing the replication strategy for the OpsCenter keyspace

About this task

Using the NetworkTopologyStrategy replication is recommended for the OpsCenter keyspace when running OpsCenter in a multi-datacenter environment. Prompts guide changing the keyspace to a compatible replication strategy.



  1. If the OpsCenter keyspace warning is visible when you first launch OpsCenter, expand the warning and click its link to Edit the keyspace here.

    The Edit Keyspace keyspace_name dialog for the keyspace appears.

    Edit Keyspace dialog

  2. Change the strategy from SimpleStrategy to NetworkTopologyStrategy.

  3. Enter the datacenters and replication factor for each datacenter. Click Add Datacenter to add more datacenters.

  4. Set the durable_writes option to True (recommended) or False (default).

    Be careful when setting the durable writes option. When set to False, data written to the keyspace bypasses the commit log, which could cause data loss.
  5. Click Save Keyspace.

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