Managing tables

When you create a table in Cassandra using an application, the CLI, or CQL 2 or earlier, the table appears in OpsCenter. CQL 3, the default query language in Cassandra, does not support dynamic tables. Earlier versions of CQL and the CLI support dynamic tables.

In-memory tables are indicated next to the table name in the details section.

Managing a table

About this task

View or delete a table (formerly column family) in a keyspace, view metrics for a table, or truncate (delete) data from a table without deleting the table itself.

If OpsCenter authentication is enabled, users must have permissions granted in their roles to view the schema or to truncate tables. See OpsCenter access roles overview.


  1. Click Data in the left navigation pane.

  2. From the list of keyspaces, select a keyspace.

    The (#TBL) shows how many tables each keyspace contains.

  3. From the list of the tables, select a table. The CQL statement for the table appears.

    View CQL for a table in the Data > Tables area of OpsCenter Monitoring

  4. Perform any of the following actions:

    • Delete: Completely deletes the table from the keyspace. Select one or more tables in a keyspace to delete.

    • View Metrics: Presents metrics for a table. In the Metric Options dialog, select a table metric to view. To aggregate measurements across the entire cluster, all nodes in the datacenter, or in a particular node, select Cluster Wide, All Nodes, or the IP address of a node. At this point, you can add a graph of the measurements to the Performance Metrics area, or choose a different table to measure.

    • Truncate: Deletes all data from the table but does not delete the table itself. See Truncating table data.

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