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View the progress and status of NodeSync operations for keyspace and tables in OpsCenter Monitoring. The NodeSync Status provides summary and detailed health status.

The Services panel at Cluster > Nodes also shows the NodeSync progress bar.



  1. Select cluster name > Services.

  2. Select Details for the NodeSync Service.

    The Status tab displays the current progress of NodeSync operations, including the date and time the data was last updated is displayed. The refresh data interval controls the refresh frequency.

    Each cluster, keyspace, and table has a color-coded legend that conveys its NodeSync status (listed from best to worst) when hovering over a particular progress bar:

    • Green: Percentage% of the data was synced within the first 50% of the time period for the NodeSync deadline.

    • Yellow: Percentage% of the data was synced within the first 90% of the time period for the NodeSync deadline.

    • Orange: Percentage% of the data was synced within the last 10% of the time period for the NodeSync deadline.

    • Red: Percentage% of the data was not synced before the NodeSync deadline. DataStax recommends you increase your throughput. See Configuring the NodeSync rate using LCM.

      The NodeSync deadline is a table parameter that specifies the maximum number of seconds to validate all segments of the table. Set the deadline value with the deadline_target_sec parameter in an ALTER TABLE statement. For example:

       cqlsh> ALTER TABLE table_name WITH nodesync={ ‘enabled’: ‘true’, ‘deadline_target_sec’ : <some value>}

      If the deadline is not explicitly set for a table, the deadline defaults to whichever is greater: gc_grace_seconds, which defaults to 864,000 seconds, or the minimum deadline target of 4 days. For details, see nodesync and gc_grace_seconds table properties.

  3. Select the Keyspaces or Tables link to view the Detailed Health Status.

    Select a progress bar section to view a tooltip with more details about progress status.

  4. Select a table within Detailed Health Status to view NodeSync Details for that table.

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