Why use the OpsCenter Performance Service?

The OpsCenter Performance Service expedites investigating and troubleshooting performance issues with your clusters. While valuable information is available using only the DSE Performance Service, the diagnostic information must be accessed from a command line, which can be more time-consuming than viewing a visual presentation of performance indicators automatically extracted and presented in a graphical fashion. Moreover, the onus to interpreting the information and deciding on remedial action is solely on the administrator.

The OpsCenter Performance Service works in conjunction with the DSE Performance Service, combining OpsCenter performance metrics with CQL-based diagnostic tables populated by the DSE Performance Service. Context-specific recommendations on possible causes of and potential avenues to fixing performance issues greatly minimizes the amount of time spent manually troubleshooting performance problems. The Performance Service harnesses the power of its Best Practice Service and Alerts features to feed the Recommendations and Alerts panels in the performance pages.

In addition, using the OpsCenter Performance Service eliminates the need for custom scripting and scheduling to detect problem nodes.

Selectively enable and disable the Performance Service as necessary to accommodate testing and peak production times in your environment.

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