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Restart an entire cluster in OpsCenter monitoring. Each node in the cluster restarts in a sequential rolling fashion after a sleep time elapses. Optionally, drain each node before stopping and restarting each node in the cluster. Some operations such as enabling commit log backups prompt you to perform a rolling restart. There are rolling restart configuration options available for fine-tuning your environment.

Adjusting rolling restart configuration options

If your environment experiences restart node failures, adjustments might be necessary to the default rolling restart configuration values in cluster_name.conf. The location of the cluster_name.conf file depends on the type of installation:

  • Package installations: /etc/opscenter/clusters/cluster_name.conf

  • Tarball installations: install_location/conf/clusters/cluster_name.conf

Default rolling restart configuration values are as follows:

  • [cassandra] rolling_restart_error_threshold

    A rolling restart is cancelled if the number of errors during the restart reaches this number. This helps prevent having too many nodes down in a cluster if something catastrophic happens during a rolling restart. Default: 1.

  • [cassandra] rolling_restart_retry_attempts

    The maximum number of connection retry attempts after restarting a Cassandra node. Default: 25.

  • [cassandra] rolling_restart_retry_delay

    The number of seconds to wait between retry attempts when connecting to Cassandra after restarting a node. Default: 5.

  • [cassandra] restart_delay

    During a rolling restart, the time in seconds OpsCenter waits after sending the command to stop Cassandra before sending the command to start it again. The default is 30 seconds.


  1. Click Restart from the Cluster Actions menu.

    The Rolling Restart dialog appears.


  2. Set the amount of time to wait after restarting each node. The default is 60 seconds.

  3. Select whether to drain the nodes before stopping.

  4. Click Restart Cluster.

    A message at the top of the screen indicates the rolling restart is in progress.

  5. To view the progress, click Show Details in the message, or click Activities in the left navigation pane. The Activities icon reflects the number of operations currently in progress. A cluster successfully restarted message indicates when the restart cluster operation has completed.


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