SNMP alerts overview

Send Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps to an enterprise monitoring system such as those provided by Nagios. SNMP is a standardized framework for infrastructure monitoring. Organizations use SNMP to monitor the status of their network infrastructure.

OpsCenter supports SNMP traps, not full SNMP agent, for integration with an agentless monitoring solution. The OpsCenter SNMP implementation supports sending traps over SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3 protocols. The device being monitored is opscenterd, the OpsCenter daemon. Traps send an alert from a monitored device (opscenterd) to the SNMP master (such as a Nagios application). OpsCenter supports SNMP as an event plugin, similar to the email and post URL alert plugins. SNMP requires import of an MIB.

OpsCenter MIB fields

The OpsCenter MIB is SMIv2-compliant. The fields identified in the trap when using the OpsCenter MIB (Management Information Base) include those standard to all alerts, with the exception of an additional time field.

OpsCenter MIB fields
Field Description


The ID of the severity level for an alert.


The string of the severity level for an alert.


The description of the event that triggered the alert.


The numerical type of event that triggered the alert.


The name of the cluster on which the event was triggered.


Alert Event Cluster. The name of the node on which the event was triggered.


Alert Source Node. The IP of the node on which the event was triggered.


Alert target node. The destination of a STREAMING action.


The time of event occurrence as a Unix Epoch timestamp.


Alert String Time. The date and time that the event occurred. Timestamp in a human-readable format.


Alert API Source IP. The IP that originally sent the request.


The OpsCenter user that caused the event.

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