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Clone, rename, share, or delete performance metrics views on the Dashboard. Saving groups of graphs with named presets allows customizing, organizing, and viewing different groups of related metrics graphs for analysis. Add metrics in performance graphs for each preset view as you prefer.


  1. Click Dashboard in the left navigation pane.

  2. At the top of the Dashboard page, hover on the preset tab and click the drop-down arrow to open the menu.


  3. To clone a preset view of metrics graphs:

    1. Click Clone.

    2. For multiple clusters, select either To This Cluster to clone the preset view for the current cluster, or To Different Cluster to clone the view to a different cluster.

    3. In the Save Preset dialog, enter a name for the preset and click Save.

      • If the preset already exists in the destination cluster, a dialog prompts you to overwrite or cancel.

      • If there are any issues with incompatible schema or metrics, a warning appears. Click Continue Clone to proceed with cloning the preset, or click Cancel.


    After the clone, rectify any issues displayed in the Error Loading Graph panels by either editing the graph to remove the incompatible metrics or by removing the graph entirely.

  4. To set the default preset, click Make Default.

  5. To rename a preset, click Rename, enter a new name and click Save.

  6. To delete a preset, click Delete. The original installed default view cannot be deleted.

  7. (Admins only) To share a preset view, click Share with all users. A globe icon in the view tab indicates the preset view is visible to all users.

    The Share…​ menu option is not available if authentication is disabled.

  8. To view another preset, click the preset name tab at the top of the Dashboard. Tabs appear in alphabetical order.

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