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DSE Metrics Collector allows customers to store Insights diagnostics files in the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) local nodes.

To help resolve issues, download and provide the Insights diagnostic data tarball only as requested by DataStax Support.

The Insights diagnostic tarball is available in only DSE versions that include DSE Metrics Collector. DSE Metrics Collector is available for DSE 6.0.5 and later, DSE 6.7.0 and later, and DSE 6.8.0 and later"


Enable DSE Metrics Collector with local storage:

dsetool insights_config --mode ENABLED_WITH_LOCAL_STORAGE


  1. From the OpsCenter Monitoring main menu, click Help > Insights.

    The Collect Insights Data dialog appears.

    Screenshot of Collect Insights Data dialog: After clicking "Download"

  2. If the OpsCenter instance is monitoring multiple clusters, select a cluster.

  3. Click Download.

  4. A message indicates OpsCenter is collecting cluster Insights data. Save the insights.tar.gz tarball to your local machine.

    Depending on your browser settings, you might be prompted for a file directory in which to save the tarball. For assistance with troubleshooting issues, provide the Insights tarball to DataStax Support.

    When the zipped tarball is expanded, the main folder is named cluster name-insights-UTC timestamp.



The Insights diagnostic tarball includes metadata for each node.


      "insightMappingId": "collectd-v1",
          "host": "",
          "plugin_instance": "run",
          "type_instance": "used",
          "plugin": "df",
          "type": "df_complex"

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