Adding dashboard graphs for datacenter and node messaging latency

About this task

Add graphs to the OpsCenter Monitoring Dashboard to monitor latency between datacenters and nodes.


  1. Click Cluster > Dashboard.

  2. Click Add Graph.

    The Add Metric dialog appears.

  3. Complete the dialog for each metric graph:

    1. Choose Datacenter Messaging Latency from the Metric list.

      DC Messaging Latency Add Metric dialog

    2. Choose the nodes to monitor from the Node list. Available options:

      • Cluster-wide

      • All nodes

      • Datacenter (aggregate)

      • Datacenter (individual nodes)

      • A single specific node

        If multiple selections are made in the Node list, reported latencies are aggregated for all selections.

    3. Select the datacenter from the Source list.

    4. Click Add Metric.

    5. Repeat the procedure for the Node Message Latency metric. Selecting a source datacenter is not applicable to node-level graphs.

      Node Messaging Latency Add Metric dialog

    6. Add as many variations of these metrics as required for your environment. When finished, click Save Graph.

      The graphs appear in the dashboard.


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