Configuring alerts for events

Configure email alerts, post alerts to a URL (including a Slack POST URL integration), or integrate with an enterprise reporting system by enabling SNMP trap alerts.

The OpsCenter Event Log page in the Activities section displays a continuously updated list of events and alerts. SNMP trap alerts display within the infrastructure monitoring solution for an organization.

Log levels

The following logging levels are available for Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, and OpsCenter events from most (DEBUG) to least (ALERT) verbose, and from lowest (DEBUG) to highest (ALERT) severity:

  • DEBUG (0)

  • INFO (1)

  • WARN (2)

  • ERROR (3)

  • CRITICAL (4)

  • ALERT (5)


Alerts are disabled by default and must be explicitly configured. Alerts can be sent remotely by email, through HTTP POST to a selected URL, or through SNMP traps sent to an enterprise monitoring solution. All alerts contain information about each captured event. Optionally, you can configure OpsCenter to send alerts for selected levels of events or specific clusters. Alerts are triggered by events from the OpsCenter API or UI only; not by events triggered from the command line. For instance, a nodetool move operation submitted from the command line does not trigger an alert. However, a move operation launched using the Nodes > List View > Other Actions > Move option in the OpsCenter UI does trigger an alert.

Alerts fields
Field Description Example


IP that originally sent the request through an API call.


Destination of a STREAMING action.


Component that caused the event.

OpsCenter (i.e., restart, start)


OpsCenter user that caused the event.



Normal timestamp for the event.



Type of event.



Customizable subject line of the email alert.

[WARN] OpsCenter Event - Node reported as being down:


Description of the event.

Garbage Collecting node


Numerical code for the log level.



Node where the event originated.


Name of the cluster where the event originated.



Logging level of the event.


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