Cloning cluster data

The OpsCenter Backup Service provides methods of loading data backed up from one cluster in a different target cluster. The Backup Service can load backup data automatically from backup locations that are accessible to both locations, such as when backing up to S3, or if a Local FS location path points to an NAS device shared by both clusters. The Backup Service can also detect and load backup data for non-centralized Local FS locations if you copy the appropriate directories from the origin cluster to the target cluster.

Supported workflows

OpsCenter supports the following workflows for cloning cluster data.

Cloning from a defined location

Cloning from a defined Other Location allows cloning data from any previous snapshot that a cluster in an OpsCenter instance can access, regardless of the source of that snapshot. This workflow can be thought of as a pull process of cloning in that OpsCenter fetches what it needs from a location to clone the data.

The location to clone from can be an Amazon S3 bucket, S3-Compatible location, Azure storage account, or a Local FS location. When cloning from a Local FS location, ensure that all files from the original backup are available at the specified path on the nodes of the target cluster.

Cloning between clusters

Cloning a backup from one cluster to another cluster is supported when both clusters are managed within the same OpsCenter instance. This workflow can be thought of as a push process of cloning where an OpsCenter instance pushes a backup it is aware of in one cluster to another cluster managed within that instance.

Cloning encrypted tables to a different cluster does not work unless the encryption keys are identical, which is typically not the case.

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