Aborting a job

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Abort a pending, running, or an idle install, configuration, or import job in Lifecycle Manager. Abort a job that might be taking an excessive time to execute. If a job has hit the idle threshold, the Status column indicates the job is IDLE.


  1. Click Jobs in the LCM navigation menu.

    The Lifecycle Manager: Jobs page appears.

    LCM Main Jobs page

  2. If necessary, use the filter lists to quickly locate the job. Specify your filter criteria in each list. The job results change dynamically as filter selections are made. Filter by:

    • Clusters: All clusters or a specific cluster.

    • Datacenters: All datacenters or a specific datacenter.

    • Nodes: All nodes or a specific node.

    • Job Type: All Types, Install, Install Agent, Configure, Upgrade, or (Cluster) Import.

  3. Click the details icon in the Actions column to access the details page for a job.

    The details page for the job displays.


  4. Click Abort. The job ends. Aborted jobs display an aborted status.

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