Adding a datacenter

About this task

Define the datacenter for a cluster topology and add datacenters to a cluster.


  1. Click Clusters in the Lifecycle Manager navigation menu. In the Clusters pane, select the cluster to which you want to add a datacenter.

    Details about the cluster are displayed. The Datacenters pane becomes visible.

  2. Click the + (plus) sign clustersMenuIcon icon above the Datacenters pane.

    The Add Datacenter dialog appears.


  3. Required: Enter a unique Name for the datacenter.

    The datacenter name cannot be edited after clicking Save. Datacenter names must be unique within a cluster.

  4. Consult the following table for assistance with completing the fields:

    Datacenter fields
    Field Description


    Enter a name for the datacenter. Datacenter names must be unique within a cluster.

    Changing the name of a datacenter after the datacenter model was created and saved is not supported in DataStax Enterprise or Lifecycle Manager.

    Config Profile

    Select a configuration profile to apply at the datacenter level to override inheriting the configuration profile from the cluster level.

    SSH Credentials

    Select an SSH credential to apply at the datacenter level to override inheriting the credentials from the cluster level.

    SSH Management Port

    Enter a port value if you do not want to inherit the value from the cluster. Default value for the SSH port at the cluster level is 22.


    Enter a comment about the datacenter that identifies its purpose or location. For example: DC East Coast Production DSE v6.


    Select the workload type. Node workload type must be homogeneous within each datacenter. Available options: - Cassandra (default) - DSE Search - DSE Analytics - DSE Analytics + DSE Search

    DSE Graph

    Select the DSE Graph option if the datacenter is for a DataStax Graph database.

  5. Click Save.

    The newly added datacenter displays in the Datacenters pane of the Clusters page. The Datacenter Details display in the details area next to the cluster model panes.


What’s next

  1. Add another datacenter. Repeat this procedure as necessary.

  2. Add nodes to the datacenters.

  3. Run an installation job. After Lifecycle Manager successfully creates a cluster during an install job, LCM automatically adds the cluster to the OpsCenter workspace for monitoring and management.

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