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DataStax Graph (DSG) is a real-time distributed graph database, tightly integrated in DataStax’s distribution of Apache Cassandra┬«. It is optimized for fast data storage and traversals, zero downtime, and analysis of complex, disparate, and related datasets. DataStax Graph is the graph model for Cassandra that can scale to massive datasets and executing both transactional and analytical workloads. DataStax Graph incorporates all of the enterprise-class functionality found in DataStax Enterprise, including advanced security protection, built-in DSE Analytics and DSE Search functionality, visual management and monitoring, and development tools including DataStax Studio.

About DataStax Graph

Documentation for developers and administrators on installing, configuring, and using the features and capabilities of DataStax Graph.

What’s new in DataStax Graph

What’s new in DataStax Graph.

Managing graphs

Creating and dropping graphs.

Managing graph schema

Creating, modifying, and dropping graph database schema.

Managing graph data

Inserting, updating, examining, and dropping graph data.

Discovering properties about graphs and traversals

Discover simple information about graphs and traversals.

Creating queries using traversals

Create queries using graph traversals.

DataStax Graph Operations

DataStax Graph (DSG) Operations

DataStax Graph Tools

Introduce tools available for DataStax Graph (DSG).

Starting the Gremlin console

Starting the Gremlin console for an interactive environment.

DataStax Graph Reference

Reference commands and other information for DataStax Graph (DSG).

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